What a journey thus far!!! 

As I embark on the new year in my journey I can’t help but to reflect on my path to this point and how I can ensure I live a more internally peaceful life. 
I’ve finally figured out my blessing and my curse and it’s ironically the same thing. I grew up in a huge family and not only are there a ton of us, we are very close knit. I however, moved away and for the longest time have been trying to filled that void. The void of having people around me to share life with as I did with my family. Well, always willing to give love is a blessing but it has also proven to be a curse. 

You see, when you genuinely let people in your life and you sincerely care about them, it’s natural to expect that in return. However, that’s not always the case and you have to be selective about the people you allow into your life. Not knowing the difference between associate and friend has caused me so much frustration. Frustration at times when I should have been celebrating and frustration at the times when I least expect it. 

Here is what I can say about associates that pose as friends only to reap the benefits but offer nothing sincere. They are so self consumed that the signs that they are not genuine friends are written all over their behavior from the beginning, but we choose to ignore it for a number of reasons. 

Moral is, love yourself enough that you will take nothing less that genuine, sincere and supportive behavior from those who you consider friends. Girls night out might just be 2 or 3 people but your peace of mind will thank you immensely. Your heart and positive energy will rejoice and you will overall have more meaningful interactions with others bringing more value to your life! 

Take care! 


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