Living and Loving

IMG_6414Life can be fun but very unpredictable! I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who has ever held a phone in my hand for what appears to be eternity waiting for a phone call or text from that “special” someone. Ever woke up the next morning and checked your phone and still nothing? You try to keep yourself extremely busy in an effort to keep your mind off him/her but regardless of what you do, he or she runs all over your mind, leaving you feel like a “love sick puppy”.

Well this scenario can go either way, you could eventually receive that text or call and run off into the sunset with your love interest OR……. you could be left hanging, asking yourself  “what did I do wrong?”  Maybe it’s me and the circle of friends I associate with but the “why me?” has become the way to familiar story of letting your guard down and opening up to a love interest. Now I am no expert and this post is simply a matter of opinion based on the life experiences of myself and my circle of friends/family……. but what the heck is going on in society??? Values and morals seem to be on the rapid decline. Trust appears to be rare and heart break appears to be on ta steady incline.

So what should we do? Should we avoid dating, create a wall so thick that no one can reach our hearts, never allow ourselves to be vulnerable.. what? My silly advice is to continue to live your life without the protective walls. Trust a person until they give you a reason not to trust them. Allow your self to be vulnerable but be selfish with your love and time.  When you are job hunting, do you always get the first job you apply/interview for, no you don’t. When you don’t,  do you stop job hunting, no you don’t. You re-adjust the resume, apply for some more jobs and you stay at it until you find a job. Approach your love life with a similar metaphoric dedication and openness approach. All while you continue to better who you are as a person. Remember, self love is one of the important forms of love. Keep working on you but never close the door to your heart.


One-love, one-life


2 thoughts on “Living and Loving

  1. I could not agree more with your analogy. One monkey doesn’t stop the show. Be it a job or someone you like. One thing doesn’t work, ok, oh well. Dust your self off and try again. I think too many times when it comes to love, women feel like they have to be so strong with everything else in their lives that when it comes to love they need to be twice as strong and it does not allow for vulnerability.

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