What a journey thus far!!! 

As I embark on the new year in my journey I can’t help but to reflect on my path to this point and how I can ensure I live a more internally peaceful life. 
I’ve finally figured out my blessing and my curse and it’s ironically the same thing. I grew up in a huge family and not only are there a ton of us, we are very close knit. I however, moved away and for the longest time have been trying to filled that void. The void of having people around me to share life with as I did with my family. Well, always willing to give love is a blessing but it has also proven to be a curse. 

You see, when you genuinely let people in your life and you sincerely care about them, it’s natural to expect that in return. However, that’s not always the case and you have to be selective about the people you allow into your life. Not knowing the difference between associate and friend has caused me so much frustration. Frustration at times when I should have been celebrating and frustration at the times when I least expect it. 

Here is what I can say about associates that pose as friends only to reap the benefits but offer nothing sincere. They are so self consumed that the signs that they are not genuine friends are written all over their behavior from the beginning, but we choose to ignore it for a number of reasons. 

Moral is, love yourself enough that you will take nothing less that genuine, sincere and supportive behavior from those who you consider friends. Girls night out might just be 2 or 3 people but your peace of mind will thank you immensely. Your heart and positive energy will rejoice and you will overall have more meaningful interactions with others bringing more value to your life! 

Take care! 


Dealing with Stressors and Weight Loss

It’s evident that I can’t obtain my ideal physique if I continue to indulge in poor eating habits, no exercise and high alcohol consumption…… Well, in the meantime, how in the world should I manage my stressors in life if I can’t eat sit on the couch while eating junk food and drink wine while watching Law and Order????

Gosh, this is more difficult mentally than it is physically!!

Suggestions welcome, clearly I’m at a lost.

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The beginning …. Yet again!

December 25, 2014

December 25, 2014

So here we go again! Another start of another year and another promise to lose weight and like every year the number of pounds of weight to be lost increases because like every year I gain weigh instead of losing it.

No pity party needed! I refused to be discipline, I find every excuse to drink alcohol, eat junk food and not exercise…. I have a full time job, I have school at night, I have a son to take care of, work was hard I need a drink and the list of excuses go on and on!

Well, I’m sitting here drinking my last glass of champagne because tomorrow is the day! Tomorrow is the day that I’m going to start taking this weight lost thing serious. It’s too damn depressing looking in the mirror and this can’t be life!

My my goal is to drop 50-60 pounds in 6 months. To do that I have created a plan that should keep it interesting. Between Shaun T’s T-25, swim classes and meeting with a trainer 2 times a week I should hit my goal or come close. All I need now is to say no to alcohol and eat “clean”!!!!!

I plan to be extremely open and honest with my 6 month journey so so stay tune!!

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Upward and onward!!!

Living and Loving

IMG_6414Life can be fun but very unpredictable! I am pretty sure that I am not the only one who has ever held a phone in my hand for what appears to be eternity waiting for a phone call or text from that “special” someone. Ever woke up the next morning and checked your phone and still nothing? You try to keep yourself extremely busy in an effort to keep your mind off him/her but regardless of what you do, he or she runs all over your mind, leaving you feel like a “love sick puppy”.

Well this scenario can go either way, you could eventually receive that text or call and run off into the sunset with your love interest OR……. you could be left hanging, asking yourself  “what did I do wrong?”  Maybe it’s me and the circle of friends I associate with but the “why me?” has become the way to familiar story of letting your guard down and opening up to a love interest. Now I am no expert and this post is simply a matter of opinion based on the life experiences of myself and my circle of friends/family……. but what the heck is going on in society??? Values and morals seem to be on the rapid decline. Trust appears to be rare and heart break appears to be on ta steady incline.

So what should we do? Should we avoid dating, create a wall so thick that no one can reach our hearts, never allow ourselves to be vulnerable.. what? My silly advice is to continue to live your life without the protective walls. Trust a person until they give you a reason not to trust them. Allow your self to be vulnerable but be selfish with your love and time.  When you are job hunting, do you always get the first job you apply/interview for, no you don’t. When you don’t,  do you stop job hunting, no you don’t. You re-adjust the resume, apply for some more jobs and you stay at it until you find a job. Approach your love life with a similar metaphoric dedication and openness approach. All while you continue to better who you are as a person. Remember, self love is one of the important forms of love. Keep working on you but never close the door to your heart.


One-love, one-life

Loving You

Love is kind, patient and understanding. It shouldn’t be cold, brutal and heart breaking. The most important love is the love you have for yourself. If that doesn’t exist, true happiness will never exist.

Be kind to yourself, be patient with yourself, be forgiving and understanding of yourself and everything else will blossom into place.

No Prince Charming will appear to sweep you off your feet but the love you have for yourself will always keep you on your feet and with a smile on your face, most times!

Stay blessed and make some positive deposits into YOU!

One-love, one-life

My Master Cleanse Journey – Day One

First off,  I know the first thing most people are coming to think is “why are you doing that?”. So lets addrIMG_5138ess that first. I did my research on the cleanse, matter of fact this will be my fourth time trying it in three years. The thing is, I never make it past day two and that has been the story of my life for every weight loss or exercise plan I tried in the last five years.

About five years ago I jumped on the scale and I was 150lbs and I freaked. I just knew I had to lost weight and do it fast. I was young and misinformed about weight management. My only exposure to so call being healthy were the body images plaster over the TV in sitcoms, movies and music videos. Since then I have tried just about everything, stuck to nothing and gain ten pounds each year there after.

So lets fast forward to now, I leave for vacation in about 10 days. I am going to Barbados for a summer festival called Crop Over, similar to that of Trinidad’s and Brazil’s carnivals. Now to be honest, I have to disclose that, this trip is not a surprise or a short notice trip. I have known about this for a full year now and as always instead of losing weight in preparation, I gained 10 additional pounds.

I can easily blame it on my schedule, I leave home at 5:30am and normally I return home around 9pm (school and work). Oh and lets not forget the demands of being a mom and wife, oh and wait we got to fit the friends and other family member time consumption in there. Such is life! At the end of the day I know if I really want something I will put forth the effort to achieve it. Weight loss or being healthy should be no different.

So, here we are Friday, July 18th starting this master cleanse diet. Its the freaking weekend, shouldn’t I be planning to enjoy this nice summer with friends and family? They are all types of cool things going on in my area this weekend. We have Artscape, Wine Festival and the list goes on. Instead its day one of my 10 day master cleanse journey and for some reason the day seems to be moving extremely slow… mind over matter is needed, I guess.

The sea salt flush was awful, I wouldn’t be doing that again. That alone would make me quit the whole cleanse. Instead I will take some herbal pills. The lemonade isn’t too bad, I like spicy foods so the pepper isn’t bothering me.

I know I am not suppose to do hard core working out while on the cleanse but I will try 🙂

Wish me luck and I will keep you posted!!



Saying Yes To Weight Loss

The Journey BeginsI having been waiting for the winter to be over before it even started last year. I imagined myself out shopping  without worrying about whether or not the store had a plus size section or if their size 12 was a small 12 or big 12. I woke up this morning, turned to the weather channel and saw a high of 71 degrees and instantly became depressed.

For the past 5 years I have been trying to lose weight, get back to a healthy state and just feel good about my outer appearance, and each year I GAIN 5-7 pounds. I have continually stood behind excuses like work, parenting, its too cold out, its too hot out and for five years straight I  have failed miserably in the weight loss department… sad but true! I have been a member of numerous gyms, currently I pay close to $200 monthly for my multiple gym memberships and at least two of them I have not been to in over a year…. another sad but true personal fact!

So here I am today – Female, 30 years old, 5.5inch and very close to 200lbs… Something has got to change and for the 100th time I find myself at the “STARTING OVER” point. This time, I am going to try it publicly and uncensored via this blog. I will celebrate my good days, vent on my bad days and seek motivation on my so-so days. I am pressing the reset button for the last time and beginning my journey today… so here we go!

Food:For an entire week, I am committing to Slim Fast shakes – I plan on having on for breakfast and one for lunch. They are convenient, I surprising like the taste of the chocolate and strawberry flavors and they seem to be filling. I plan on snacking on fruits and having a very healthy dinner before 8pm. This week my dinner choice is soup.

Workout: In a perfect world, I would love to go running every morning and believe me when I say that for the last 4 months my alarm has been set to go off at 4:45am so I can go running and every morning I roll over and turn it off every morning…. another sad but true fact! However, I am resetting and trying again tomorrow. My end goal is to run for 45 minute 5 times a week and do some strength training in one of the many gyms I have a membership to – maybe three days a week

Now…. this all sounds good (as it always does) but the missing link is always DISCIPLINE!! I have done pretty good so far today, had my two shakes with lots of water and fruit – here is to hoping I can keep this up tonight – healthy dinner and NO WINE (a weakness).

Workout tomorrow AM.. that is the plan – will let you know how it goes!!

Upward and Onward We Go! 50 pounds of weight loss is the goal!