Saying Yes To Weight Loss

The Journey BeginsI having been waiting for the winter to be over before it even started last year. I imagined myself out shopping  without worrying about whether or not the store had a plus size section or if their size 12 was a small 12 or big 12. I woke up this morning, turned to the weather channel and saw a high of 71 degrees and instantly became depressed.

For the past 5 years I have been trying to lose weight, get back to a healthy state and just feel good about my outer appearance, and each year I GAIN 5-7 pounds. I have continually stood behind excuses like work, parenting, its too cold out, its too hot out and for five years straight I¬† have failed miserably in the weight loss department… sad but true! I have been a member of numerous gyms, currently I pay close to $200 monthly for my multiple gym memberships and at least two of them I have not been to in over a year…. another sad but true personal fact!

So here I am today – Female, 30 years old, 5.5inch and very close to 200lbs… Something has got to change and for the 100th time I find myself at the “STARTING OVER” point. This time, I am going to try it publicly and uncensored via this blog. I will celebrate my good days, vent on my bad days and seek motivation on my so-so days. I am pressing the reset button for the last time and beginning my journey today… so here we go!

Food:For an entire week, I am committing to Slim Fast shakes – I plan on having on for breakfast and one for lunch. They are convenient, I surprising like the taste of the chocolate and strawberry flavors and they seem to be filling. I plan on snacking on fruits and having a very healthy dinner before 8pm. This week my dinner choice is soup.

Workout: In a perfect world, I would love to go running every morning and believe me when I say that for the last 4 months my alarm has been set to go off at 4:45am so I can go running and every morning I roll over and turn it off every morning…. another sad but true fact! However, I am resetting and trying again tomorrow. My end goal is to run for 45 minute 5 times a week and do some strength training in one of the many gyms I have a membership to – maybe three days a week

Now…. this all sounds good (as it always does) but the missing link is always DISCIPLINE!! I have done pretty good so far today, had my two shakes with lots of water and fruit – here is to hoping I can keep this up tonight – healthy dinner and NO WINE (a weakness).

Workout tomorrow AM.. that is the plan – will let you know how it goes!!

Upward and Onward We Go! 50 pounds of weight loss is the goal!